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      1. How long does an opened Mole jar (or bag) last and how do I store it?
        You can store our mole starters it in the same jar (or bag) and it will last up to 4 months in the refrigerator. Amazing right?


      1. How do I store the cooked mole sauce / How long does it last? 
      After cooking, you can freeze it and can keep it for up to 6 months.  If you decide to store it the fridge, up to 6 days.


      1. Does your mole starter contain nuts?
        Yes, almonds, sesame seeds, peanuts and walnuts


      1. Is the mole paste Gluten-free? What about vegetarian? 
        Yes & Yes! When making the mole sauce, substitute chicken broth with vegetable stock and voilá, its vegetarian. 


      1. I’m having difficulties opening the jar, what do I do?
        These can be quite tricky - Push down with force and twist.   We have to make sure every jar is tightly closed so we avoid leaking.  This can sometimes cause some difficulties opening the jar.  If the pushing down and twisting doesn’t work, dip the top of the jar in a pot filled with hot water for a few seconds, this will losen up the top and help release tension from the cap. 


      1. My jar broke on the way. What do I do?
        Oh no! We’re really sorry about that. Please contact us at sales@ilovemole.comand we will take care of that right away